Research areas include:

  • Computational aeroacoustics
  • Active control of noise using smart stuructures technology
  • Prediction, measurement and validation of vibration and loads
  • Activie/passive damping control of rotor systems
  • Reconfigurable flight control system
  • Repair of composite structures
  • HUM: Fault detection and reconfiguration of rotorcraft transmission
  • Computaional fluid dynamics for rotor wakes
  • Rotor tip vortex formation and decay using 3-D LDV system
  • Modeling of rotor wakes in manuevering flight
  • Analysis and design of helicopter active control systems
  • Methodology development for retor-head fault detection
  • Aeromechanics analysis of trailing-edge flap rotors
  • Refined modeling of coupled composite rotor
  • Dynamic analysis of advanced tilt-rotor aircraft

AGRC Research Programs

I. Core Rotorcraft Program (RCOE: 1982- 2006)

  • Aerodynamics
  • Dynamics
  • Flight Dynamics and Control
  • CFD
  • Acoustics
  • Transmission and Drive Trains
  • Smart and Composite Structures
  • Air Traffic Control & Transportation Systems
  • Advanced Designs including Heavy Lift Rotorcraft

II. MURI: Micro Hovering Air Vehicles (2004-09)

III. Smart Structures Programs (URI, 2 MURI, DARPA)

  • DARPA Galfenol Compact Actuator Development (2003-05)
  • ARO, SBIR and STTR programs
  • Navy-MURI on Galfenol actuators (06-11)
  • More about Smart Structures

IV. DARPA: Helicopter Quieting Program (2004-08)

  • Major Research Program
  • Team: University of Maryland and Stanford University
  • Objective: Develop next generation CFD-based Hybrid Unsteady
    Simulation for Helicopters (HUSH) design capability to accurately and
    efficiently model aerodynamic and acoustic phenomena
  • Tasks:
    Task-1: High-Fidelity CFD Methodologies
    Task-2: Multi-Disciplinary Coupling
    Task-3: Validation
  • Key Features: Capturing of the unsteady flow phenomena including
    wakes at required resolution with adaptive mesh placement

V. NASA 5 NRAs (2007-11)

VI. Other Rotorcraft Programs

  • Navy: Coaxial rotor, JAHUM program
  • Sikorsky/UTRC: Composite Rotor, Swashplateless rotor
  • Bell: Quad-Rotor Studies, Acoustics Management
  • NASA: CFD, Trailing-edge Flap System

Research Accomplishments

AGRC Future Directions

  • Expand & nurture core rotorcraft program
    - Maintain balance between theory & expt.
    - Tackle barrier problems systematically
  • Expand micro air vehicle program
    - flapping and rotary-wing
  • Brownout/whiteout: comprehensive program
  • Exploit advanced CFD methodology
  • All electric/hybrid rotorcraft: Basic studies

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