• Bell: Quadrotor peformance and download studies (Bob Moullins)
  • CSA: Helped them in the development of compact hybrid actuator (Eric Anderson)
  • Baldwin: Helped in the design and aeromechanics issues related to mono-tiltrotor
  • FAA: Wire strike assessment of civil helicopters (Dy Le)
  • Kaman: Helped them in the development of tab actuated flaps for primary controls (Mike Bielefield)
  • Army Picatinny Arsenal: Development of MR recoil dampers (Mike Mattice)
  • Army-ARDEC: Helped them in the development of active/passive hybrid APPN smart
    actuator gun-fuselage vibration isolation and precision control
  • Navy David Taylor Carderock: Helping them in their initiative on "Rotor Head Fault
    Detection" called JAHUM (David Haas)
  • NASA-Ames: provided assessment for an all electric helicopter (Bill Warmbrodt)
  • Army Science Board: Carried out heavy lift corgo rotorcraft design studies
  • Upgraded comprehensive rotorcraft code UMARC provided to industry, federal
    laboratories and academia
  • Boeing-Mesa: Helped them in their development of full-scale smart rotor system with flap actuated with piezostacks (Friedrich Straub)
  • Unsteady aerodynamic analysis codes (Leishman) provided to industry and federal labs,
    inserted in many comprehensive codes
  • Free wake codes provided to industry, federal labs and academia, inserted in many
    comprehensive codes
  • Army-Ames: Assessment of active vibration control from perspective of flight mechanics (Mark Tischler)
  • NREL: Helped them in identification of aerodynamic issue focused to windmills (Bir)
  • Lord Corp.: Development & characterization of MR dampers (Mark Jolly)
  • Sikorsky: Helped them in the assessment of composite couplings to control vibratory
    load and improve performance (Andy Bernhard)
  • Army Science Board: Heavy Lift Cargo Rotorcraft design studies
  • DARPA: Technology assessment of heavy lift systems (Don Woodbury)
  • Progeny/Army: Helped them in the development of RotorChute (Murphy)

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