Black Hawk Airloads

Black HawkUsing CFD + Comprehensive Rotor Analysis:

  • Lift Phase error resolved
  • Vibratory air loads resolved
  • Transonic pitching moments captured
  • High thrust condition resolved

Research Accomplishments

Issues under investigation

  • Maneuvering flights


  • NASA, Army & Industry


Technology Barrier Problems (2000-2007)

  • Rotor loads prediction: Resolving phase issue for predicted vs measured loads
    (Collaboration with NASA, Army & Industry)
  • Composite rotor blade modeling: adequate coupled beam modeling, comprehensive
    aeromechanics analysis and unique vacuum chamber and wind tunnel test data
  • Active vibration control (HHC & IBC) coupling with flight control stability (issue with
    hingeless and bearingless rotors)
  • Power minimization with 2/rev active pitch input: expect nominal gain less than 5%
  • Smart rotor development: smart actuator stroke limitation and innovative amplification
  • Rotor wakes: resolving vortex core issue and its interaction, precise model under
    steady flight condition
  • Rotor wakes in maneuvering flight: Time domain non-steady model and resolving offaxes response issues
  • Unsteady aerodynamics of flapping rotor
  • CFD couplings with comprehensive aeroelastic analyses: issue of moment coupling
  • HUMS for transmissions & drive-trains: Robust ID schemes to overcome false alarms
  • Comprehensive aeromechanics analyses for advanced rotor systems: bearingless
    (multiple load paths), tiltrotor, circulation-control, trailing-flap and smart rotor
  • Flight stability and acoustics analysis in maneuvering flight

RCOEs Accomplishments: Technology Barrier Problems


RCOEs Accomplishments: Army Technology Barrier Problems


Major Accomplishments over past 25 years: Research

Research Accomplishments

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