Smart Rotor Development

Application of smart structures technology to actively control vibration, noise, stability,
performance and primary controls Concepts: Flaps, active tab, active tips, active twist

Past: Carried out feasibility studies

  • UM: successfully tested Mach-scaled models on hover stand in Glenn L. Martin wind tunnel
  • Helped Boeing in their full-scale development (full-scale tests in 40x80-ft wind tunnel in 2008)

Present: AGRC Activities

  • NASA-NRA: Swashplateless rotor using piezoelectric actuated trailing-edge flaps
  • MURI from Navy: development of Galfenol actuators Support from Army/Navy/Industry: Development of innovative actuators, dampers and shock absorbers


  • actuators stroke and integrity for rotorcraft applications

Blade Controlled-Disturbance Interaction Concept: New approach to mimic Blade Vortex Interaction


Anechoic Hover Chamber

Blade interacts with flow
from gust generator

BCDI installed inside Anechoic Chamber

Also See Technology Transfers Example for Smart Structures Technology


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